TMJ Disorder

Aug 3rd 2021

What are the symptoms of TMJ disorders? What causes TMJ disorders? How to treat TMJ disorder Tooth pain can be caused by a dental problem, such as a cavity or gum … read more

P&G Product Safety

May 14th 2021

We hold ourselves to the highest standard Our 4-Step Process Watch to Learn More About How Our Scientists Formulate Safe Products For You IngredientsWe hold ourselves to the highest standar … read more


Jan 6th 2021

Our Vision: Healthier Smiles for All Crest and Oral-B believe a smile is worth the world and that all Americans deserve healthy smiles. However, tooth decay is the No. 1 chronic disease in Amer … read more

Oral Care for Cancer Patients

May 15th 2020

Oral Complications Side Effects of Chemotherapy 1/3 Undergoing Cancer Treatment Will Have Oral Complications Approximately one-third of people who undergo treatment for … read more

Geographic Tongue: Causes & Treatments

May 15th 2020

Geographic Tongue Causes Geographic Tongue Treatment Many factors can cause infections in the mouth, but one of the oddest-looking  oral conditions is not connected to an infe … read more

HPV in the Mouth - Types and Symptoms

May 15th 2020

What is HPV? Types of HPV HPV Oral Symptoms What is HPV? HPV infections are most common among teens and women aged 25 years and younger who are sexually active. Having m … read more

Kidney Disease and Oral Health

May 15th 2020

Symptoms of Kidney Disease Kidney Disease and Dental Treatment Symptoms of Kidney Disease If you or someone you know has kidney disease, don’t neglect your dental health. … read more

How Tongue Scrapers Work

May 15th 2020

Do Tongue Scrapers Help Bad Breath? How Do Tongue Scrapers Work? Do Tongue Scrapers Help Bad Breath? If you suffer from  halitosis, or chronic bad breath, you’re pr … read more

Effects of Chemotherapy on Oral Health

May 15th 2020

Chemotherapy and Oral Health Bleeding Gums from Chemotherapy Chemotherapy and Oral Health For a number of medically important reasons, it’s vital that cancer patients not neg … read more