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Manual Toothbrushes

Designed with Dentists

The first Oral-B toothbrush was created by a periodontist in 1949. From that first brush to each and every one we make today, Oral-B has always been committed to providing innovations in oral care. It's no wonder more dentists around the world recommend Oral-B than any other brand.

  • pulsar

  • whitening

  • Premium Health

  • basic clean


Distinctive design and next generation bristle technology combine to provide exceptional reach and plaque removal.


Oral-B Pulsar's vibrating bristles remove surface stains and help break up plaque between teeth.


Gently polish away surface stains on and between teeth for a noticeably brighter smile.

premium health

Brush away more plaque and gently massage your gum line for strong teeth and healthy gums.

basic clean

Clean tooth-by-tooth to sweep away more plaque and food debris for a healthy mouth.